Summer in Val di Sole

The Val di Sole is a real natural oasis, with 64,000 ha of forests and pastures, and over 30 peaks over 3000 meters high, where water is the dominant element, with the lakes and the rivers that runs through the valley.

Rich in sports but also in culture and tradition, where history and nature are mixed to offer a customized vacation that meets the needs and desires of both adults and children.

Trekking and walks: from the easiest walk to the trekking tours on the mountains and glaciers. Beautiful smal lakes hidden in the mountains, or climbing areas... 

Rafting: the Val di Sole is the best destination in Europe for river sports. Rafting, hydro speed, kayaking, canoeing ... all the excitement of a descent along the river Noce. Accompanied by guides on the raft you are not just passengers, but active members of the crew. Rafting centers affiliated you will find all the information and much more.

mountain bikes: more than 29 bike routes, spectacular tour in the Dolomites, Downhill tracks, 30 km bike path with the possibility of renting bicycles and special technical equipment and to be accompanied by a guide.